It has been a long journey from “The Ten Buck Fuck”, “Pone”, via “I Saw Elvis”, on speed with “200Sachen”, “Themroc”, “Davidsson” to “Run Venezuela”. Not to mention playing drums for Sonny Vincent and a ska-punk-band called “Regatta69”. Experiences and inspiration from a wild time of exploration through different music genres.

Uzi Mayer had always composed music – and everything that didn’t fit into the concept of his band-projects ended up in his dictaphone archive. Shortly after the break of “200Sachen” Uzi worked as barkeeper at a bar called “Herzblut” where he met drummer and producer Axel Schrepfer. Over a few drinks and drummer geek-talks the idea emerged to record an album. A rock-album without compromises, all self composed, arranged, and decided, without pressure, 100% Uzi Mayer. In 2007 Uzi carried his drums and ideas to Erbenheim and they recorded the first drum tracks. Over time Uzi invited his friends, sang to them what he had in mind, they recorded – and today in 2011 it all boiled down to PLANET NUMBER THIRTEEN! Released on August 27, 2011 at the first official concert of Uzi Mayer & band starting 17:55 at Folklore Wiesbaden festival.

The debut release solo album on vinyl was independently recorded, mastered, and produced by Uzi Mayer & friends and is now being distributed independently over this website through kopiloten and soon also via Flight 13. Long live free music!

Soon you will be able to download more music of UZI MAYER’s past band-projects, we will present more media and also news about concerts and events.

Until then, also check out our facebook page for more current info.

Contact us on planet n° 13 via info [at] uzimayer [dot] com